…So that they can listen through our eyes and read through our voice!

We are a group of volunteers whose aim is to read aloud to people who cannot do it by themselves. People with sight problems, handicapped people not able to hold a book, aged ones, children in institutions or prisoners who are illiterate.

They said about us

Reading to the Others is a way to make the Greek society more open to equality. We are way behind equality because we want to be way behind. And we will continue to be there for many years to come if we continue to just admit, yes we are behind that.


The voluntary organization Reading to the Others distinguishes for its originality and the value of its offer to these groups of people who cannot read by themselves. This is why it is worth to be supported by everyone, both volunteers and media.

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In our days, it is very rare to meet young people who make you feel that they can crush the most cruel reality, only powered by their selfless offer to fellow humans. And they do so, they undertake creative initiatives, despite the adverse personal and general circumstances, proving that any one of us is capable of anything.


It is so wonderful to see so many people devoting their time and effort, waiting nothing in return than the joy to offer. It is very important in our times to vision and work together in order to create a better society. All volunteers of Reading to the Others have the common sense that they are working for something bigger than themselves, something pretty and optimistic.

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Everybody talks about the unique feelings they experience in every action. It is a special thing to walk into an elderly institute and have people telling you that they’ve waiting for you with eagerness in order to listen to the next chapter of the book you were reading to them last week. It is also special to record an audio book and know that if it wasn’t for you, some people might never had the chance to “read” it.


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