1. What is Reading to the Others?

This is a network of volunteers whose aim is to record audio books for people with impaired sight and to read alive to people who are not able to do so by themselves. Such people are blind, or unable to read or hold a book in their hands, aged ones, children in child care institutions or illiterate prisoners.

2. What groups are included in this network?

Our organization is built on two group categories: Action groups and organizational groups.

Action groups are engaged in audio books recording, reading to children and the elderly, imprisoned, as well as individual readings.

Organizational groups deal with organizational tasks, such as registering of volunteers, secretarial support, media communication, sponsorships, social media, public relations or event management.

3. In which towns is this organization active?

Reading to the Others is active in four Greek cities for now: Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania and Heraklion Crete.

4. Is your action further going to expand? When are you coming to our town?

Yes, our target is to expand all over Greece. However, expanding is time demanding in order to be fully accomplished. For the moment, we can reach about 1-2 towns per year.

5. How can I volunteer in Reading to the Others?

You can register as volunteer in our organization by filling the New Volunteer application form in the following page: http://giatousallous.gr/become-volunteer/

6. How can someone volunteer from a town which is not yet an active center of the organization?

In such a case, one can volunteer only from long distance in groups where no physical appearance is needed, such as the organizational groups.

If you are willing to undertake the setting up of an active centre in your town, always under the supervision of our central organization, you can contact us at info@giatousallous.gr

7. How long after I fill in my application is it likely that I participate in a group?

The people in charge of new volunteers get new lists around every 20 days. This means that within 20 days you will receive an email concerning your voluntary participation.

In case of holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, waiting time might be longer. Also groups, such as the group in charge of book recordings, receive a larger number of applications, so they may delay more.

8. When applying as a volunteer, do I have to enter a specific group?

If you want to participate in our action groups, yes. To be able to take part in whichever group, your personal data must be forwarded to the person in charge.

Only this person receives your data. Otherwise, you will receive our monthly newsletter and our Facebook account will keep you updated.

9. Can I apply to participate in more than one groups? How many groups can I apply for?

If you can cope with the tasks that each group demands, then you can do as many groups as you wish. If not, better start with the one you find most attractive.

10. If I discover on the way that another group is more appropriate for me than the one I participate, how can I change? Apply once more?

You do not need to reapply, just send an email to: volunteers@giatousallous.gr with your name and stating which group you wish to join.

11. I have applied but not received any answer yet. What should I do?

Upon filling the application form, you will receive an automated welcome email.

If not, you have to send an email to volunteers@giatousallous.gr

If you receive the welcome email, there is a 20 day waiting time (see question 7).

If still no answer, please send another email to the above address to get a confirmation that your application form has been received.

14. I have applied for the recording group. When can I start recording books?

At first you will be asked to record a small sample of texts to check your voice and reading tone. This sample will be evaluated by the people in charge to see if you are able to begin recording or if you should first enter a short training .

When you are ready, you will join the priority team to do your recording. However, at present the waiting list of volunteers is very long due to limited recording studios, so waiting takes longer time.

15. I applied for a group of live readings. When shall I begin reading?

If you need no training, you will receive an email from the group as soon as they get your data (see question 7). Particularly, the reading to children group requires special seminars if you have no previous experience. For more information, see question 16

16. What sort of seminars are held for reading to children and how can I join them?

To participate in this group, you have to attend 3-5 seminars (on theatrical play, encouraging team spirit, ways of narrating) according to your previous experience and training. Seminars are held once or twice a week and you can attend them according to your personal schedule. They are free of charge and you will be notified about dates and time by an email.

17. How many days and hours should I be available for the live reading sessions?

They are held by fixed teams who visit a certain institution once a week. A reading requires about 3-4 hours including getting there. Specific days and time varies according to the group.

Particularly, for participation in the reading groups to children, you have to be committed as for the date and time of being present there.

Our experience has showed that for the sake of children psychology, it is best to keep the same groups for at least six months.

18. How many people are in the reading groups at each institution?

Every team consists of 3 people including the person responsible to coordinate, who usually has pedagogical background training.

19. What is the best age range of participants in live readings?

There is no age criterion in any reading group. It is enough if you have the will and availability on days and time of our group activities.