Our Vision

Our vision is to make literature, and generally reading, accessible to all our fellow citizens, no matter their age or special condition.

We consider it moral obligation of a developed society to offer its members equal and just opportunities in that respect.

Bearing this in mind, our NPO Reading to the Others aims at developing all necessary actions that will offer the joy of reading to all disabled social groups, all over Greece.

Our desire is that ALL our fellow citizens gain accessibility to Reading!

So that all may listen through our eyes and read through our voice!

Our Goals

Our main target is the increase of recordings and further production of audio books for the blind. To this end, recordings are carried out in various private and also public recording studios all over Greece.

And of course, it is not only literature that needs to be recorded for the visually-impaired : all sorts of magazines, manuals, cooking recipies, drug effects, use instructions for electric appliances as well as school and academic syllabus also need to be recorded by our volunteers.

For this reason, it is necessary for our network to create more recording studios everywhere in the country- via sponsorships and donations. This will help us continue our project with the participation of volunteers from all over the country.

Moreover, Reading for the Others enables live reading sessions in social institutions such as hospitals, elderly hospices, child care institutions, prisons, and more. This takes place on a weekly basis by specially trained readers who are all volunteers.

Another group we address are quadraplegic individuals or other advanced-age people unable to hold books. Further targets are imprisoned adults who are illiterate. In a word , we are eager to offer our reading services to whoever needs them anywhere in the country.
For all these reasons, we invite you to join us in this project as we really need people like you, who have the courage to fight for the impossible!

Only thus can total chaos of lack of knowledge and passive surrender be fought back!

So, in this way, Reading to the Others can reach every corner of Greece!

So, that way we can offer equal access to literature to everyone who is unable to do so on their own.

Our Values

The following values are motivating our actions and vision.

  • Equal accessibility to literature, information and every kind of reading material for all individuals who belong to disabled groups, and mainly the visually-impaired.Reading offers joy to all human beings and regardless of age, capacities and particular problems, everyone is entitled to enjoy it.
  • Promotion of the volunteering concept within the principles of responsibility, inspiration and offer.