Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.


Come join our vision and become a part of “Reading to the Others” history

Reading to the Others is a non-profit network of volunteers. It was founded in Athens in 2015, by citizens who wished to actively support a particularly vulnerable social group.

The purpose of our organization is to motivate as many volunteers as possible in order to record audio books that will enrich the audio library of the blind and to participation in Live Readings to socially vulnerable people.

Reading ot the Others is solely dependent on the volunteer work of its members and on the kindness of citizens who wish to offer to their fellow humans.  Our organization’s income is based on sponsorships and member subscriptions.  Hopefully, in the future, additional income will be derived from organizing social and cultural events.

The help of sponsors and donors (individuals and corporations) is vital to the realization of our actions and events.  We aim at creating collaborations towards the ideal of equal access to knowledge, education and culture, and at promoting this ideal through actions for the common good.

The valuable help and donations of our sponsors allow us to ensure the viability of Reading to the Others and to gradually expand its presence and actions all over Greece.

Our sponsors support us towards our common vision.  We share with them the goal to enrich the audio library of the blind and expand our reading activities to institutions that support children, the elderly, prisoners, and all people whose right to knowledge, education and culture is compromised.

By donating to Reading to the Others, you are supporting people and social groups who are in need of your assistance for their personal education and evolvement. This adds a significant benefit to the entire society. Furthermore, your support to us is a great way to implement your company’s policy for Corporate Social Responsibility.  Our organization commits to publicize your support, which can serve as a model for social benefaction.