Imagine not being able to read a book of your own choice, but having to select out of a relatively small list of books.

Imagine wanting to read a book but not having access to it, due to old age or vision impairment.

This is the daily life of many individuals, the blind, the visually impaired and even the elderly whose health issues have rendered them unable to read.

The volunteers of Reading to the Others lend them their eyes, through reading aloud to individuals who belong in vulnerable social groups, and their voice, through recording audio books to enrich the audio library of the blind and the visually impaired individuals.

Reading to the Others needs your help in order to continue our actions.

…So that we can record more audio books.

…So that we can enrich and expand our Live Readings.

How you can help us?

Along with your own book buys, buy a Book for the Others!

How is it done?

Reading to the Others has already joined forces with many bookstores in Athens and in Crete (Chania and Heraklion). These are the areas where our volunteers regularly do audio book recordings as well as Live Readings.

At these affiliated bookstores (see list below), you can buy a Book for Reading to the Others.

Our list of suggested books will be posted at all affiliated bookstores and will be updated monthly, as needed.

The bookstores that assist us in this action are listed below, by city and area. They will display a poster that affirms their collaboration with Reading to the Others at the store entrance.

If you own a bookstore in the cities of Athens, Chania or Heraklion and would like to become affiliated to us in order to offer your clients the opportunity to purchase a Book for the Others, please email us at or call us at 6976873207.