Reading for the Others was created with love and respect for our fellow human beings.   Social responsibility and consciousness are integral to all our actions. This is why we are committed to providing proper training and preparation to all our volunteers.

Our first priority is to make sure that we give our volunteers all information and training that are necessary to make them feel confident and able to live up to their fullest potential. To that end, Reading for the Others organizes regular internal volunteer training seminars. We provide each of our volunteers with all the knowledge, guidance, inspiration and emotional support necessary for his or her successful participation in our organization.

More specifically, volunteers who wish to be involved in activities with children attend a number of workshops concerning recreational activities, storytelling, or crafting. They are guided by volunteer child psychologists who help them develop the necessary skills.

Volunteers who participate in audio book recording attend speech training and improvisation workshops. People who are involved in organizational and administrative affairs are offered group or individual executive coaching and management coaching by expert consultants.

The internal seminars and training serve the purpose of personal growth and psychological support to our volunteers who can then give back the best of their abilities to the vulnerable groups of people that we are supporting.

All seminars intended for members of Reading for the Others are free of charge and are organized by field experts and qualified professionals who work voluntarily for our organization.